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What Is an End of Life Doula?

When I tell people that I am an end of life doula, the most common question I get is “what is that?”  While end of life doulas are fairly new to the modern world, doulas have been around for centuries, most commonly in the role of childbirth.

Death, along with birth, are the two most sacred and important events in our lives.  So much support and recognition are provided to those throughout the childbirth process, but not nearly enough during our final days.  I am excited to see a shift in this work, where the doula world is expanding to end of life and the vital importance we can play to those nearing the end.

So what exactly is an End of Life Doula? 

An end-of-life doula guides a person who is transitioning to death and their loved ones through the dying process.  Doulas provide a grounded presence, advocacy, education, peace and ease to those during their sacred walk to the end of life.  We can assist you in creating an end of life plan specific to you as an individual encompassing all aspects: mind, body, and soul, and making sure that plan is fully executed.  A holistic approach to end of life care, doulas work together with end of life clients, loved ones, hospice/medical services, and caregivers to help ease the transition that most aligns with the client’s needs and wishes.  

End of Life Doula services that The Light Hereafter will provide, include: end of life planning, client health care advocacy, energy healing, reiki, caregiver support, grief support, obituary and eulogy writing, legacy projects, celebration of life services, assistance with home funerals and green burials, and much, much more.

Death care in the US is changing rapidly and the importance of providing support to those at the end of life, could not be more crucial.  This is where doulas come in.  We help fill in the gap between medical and hospice services, and caregivers and loved ones, to facilitate holistic support that encompasses emotional, spiritual, and practical care.

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