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What Does it Mean to Live Fully?

What Does it Mean to Live Fully?

A lot of my End of Life Doula training with Going with Grace caused me to turn inward and look at not only my relationship with death, but also my relationship with living.

That is how I came up with on of my slogans, “Begin with the end in mind, so that we can be fully present in today.”

When we broach the end, we can’t help to think about how we lived.

Did we live life fully?

Did we have regrets?

Did we experience everything we wanted to in this lifetime?

Did we accomplish everything we set out to?

Did we have a meaningful existence?

Are we leaving a legacy we are proud of?

All of these questions have unique answers to each of us.

In my 20s I was focused on school, my career goals and growing my credentials.  I got burnout and felt like I wasn’t truly living.

And then most of my 30s I spent experiencing everything life had to offer.  I traveled the world, most states every few months, jumped out of planes, climbed mountains and took off on a moments notice. 

Everyone around me kept saying “I want your life” and “you are really living the dream life.”

I thought I was living life to its “fullest.” But the truth is, I wasn’t.  While I was experiencing all of these amazing adventures and doing all the things, I didn’t have many deep, meaningful relationships and I didn’t feel present in my own life(mind, body & soul).

When I shifted to prioritizing presence and peace, deepening relationships, while still doing the things that bring me joy, that is when I feel most alive and most myself.

How are you living life to your fullest?

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